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"The Best Overall Medical Alert System."

After considering more than 70 medical alert systems, we brought 21 of the best personal emergency response systems (PERS) into the Purch Labs for weeks of exhaustive testing and evaluations. With more than 120 hours of testing and 300 hours of research, GreatCall is our pick for best medical alert system.

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The Sweethome,
a New York Times Company

"The Best Medical Alert System."

After more than 40 hours of research and over a month of testing 13 devices, we think the GreatCall Lively Mobile is the best medical alert system for most people. Unlike most devices, it can reach either 911 or a call center from anywhere in your home or out in the world.

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"I'm prone to falling, so I take Lively with me wherever I go."

I have difficulties in walking and I always have to take help for going to wherever it is needed. I have two – one for home and another one when I go out. I got Lively Mobile and I'm so happy because it has helped me at least twice in the last three months.

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"Wouldn't be without it."

I recommend to everyone I think should have one. I like that it is now very visible with its bright flashing signal light. I like that is light weight and waterproof. Easy to use and customer service is great.

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"The two-way speaker is loud and clear!"

The medical alert device offered by GreatCall is lightweight at 1.41 oz. I wore it for several days with the lanyard around my neck and it was quickly forgotten about as I went on with my life.

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"Both my husband and my sister wear the great call."

My husband has fallen twice, and before I could get to him. GreatCall was on his beeper asking if he needed medical help. It has been of great comfort to us – no need to press the button, help is right there. I recommend it to anyone, especially someone living alone.

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"FREAKING awesome!!"

Y'all. @GreatCallInc is FREAKING awesome!!! They knew the second my mom fell and had 911 on the phone in less than 5 seconds. Oh my. Love️ them.

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"GreatCall's Lively is definitely one of the best choices."

With easy-to-use equipment, affordable prices, and outstanding service, this is definitely one of the best choices when it comes to portable GPS medical alert systems. There are multiple services available at various price points so you can cater a plan to fit your needs. Because the unit is completely waterproof, it can literally be taken anywhere!"

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"If you seek to invest in flawless protection with great mobility, GreatCall delivers it."

Lively combines the professionalism of GreatCall’s 5Star monitoring services with a feature-rich, yet feather weighted alarm button. You don't need to install a base unit, or restrict your daily routine to stay within its coverage.

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"Makes it possible for seniors to move more freely and live a more independent lifestyle."

GreatCall offers a truly mobile solution to people searching for medical alert services. Using GPS technology, their alert system can pinpoint a user's exact location no matter where they are and instantly inform professionally trained response teams. This is a leap in progress from standard medical alert systems with limited ranges.

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"I saw the size of the buttons on the Jitterbug, I was so delighted."

Having that phone with me and also knowing that I could get in touch with people immediately if I needed to, gave me a great deal more confidence.

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"My Mom loves the Flip phone."

Mom has a bit of a hearing problem, she was unable to hear on the home phone and also on other cell phones we tried. She hears very well on the Jitterbug phone. We were so happy to have found this phone. I recommend this phone to anyone with a slight hearing loss.

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"A thoughtful update on the original Jitterbug."

The Flip includes everything users loved about the first model, along with a sleeker design and convenient new features which make it even easier to use. And of course, there’s its hallmark feature: the dedicated 5Star button offering 24/7 access to a live operator for urgent and emergency situations.

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"Best cell phone I have ever owned."

Just purchased my jitterbug Flip and am really pleased with it...such a great phone and such a secure feeling with the 5* button in case of emergencies. The large buttons help with my handicap I have with my hands. Thanks GreatCall. Best cell phone I have ever owned.

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"It has very good service and I use it quite a bit."

I have Jitterbug for emergencies when I'm driving and I like the fact that they have that service where I can get help if I need it. I'm very satisfied with it and I recommend it to people.

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"Get help fast with optional 5Star Service."

Both the Jitterbug Smart phone and the Jitterbug Flip phone offer GreatCall's optional 5Star health and safety services. Activated with a special, bold, on-screen 5Star button, users can get monthly service plans that include instant access to 5Star services in a wide variety of emergency situations.

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"A fantastic choice for seniors."

Text is big, which is good for users with diminished eyesight. It has great call quality, loud speaker volume, and a very simple interface which is why the Flip earns our Editor's Choice Award for easy-to-use cell phones.

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"It's like having a computer and everything I'd like to know right in my hands."

It's very worthwhile having it, especially with the added features of medical alerts and quick access to emergency phone calls. This is the phone to have. Whenever I'm talking to some of my old buddies around, I always mention that I have the phone and that it's really worthwhile. I told them that they ought to look into it and get one for themselves.

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"My 91 year old mother loves this phone!"

My 91 year old mother had a land line and used a 15 year old cell phone. When I ordered the phone the person I dealt with was so helpful and kind. We got her all setup and she has learned to text, take pictures, use apps. We dropped the landline!! All of our family is thrilled with the phone, service, and how easy it was to teach my mom to use it.

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"The phone comes with everything users know and love from the Jitterbug name."

Voice typing, a built-in camera, a handy usage meter, and a convenient long-lasting battery round out the list of reasons why this Jitterbug is a "smart" choice for today's connected users.

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"I can reach someone if I have a serious health problem."

I think this is great I can keep track on how my Dad is doing, also feel better knowing I can reach someone if I have a serious health problem. Besides the monthly cost is great, I'm paying less with this phone then what I was paying for just a phone with calls only!

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"The best simple smartphone for seniors."

It has a big, bright 5.5-inch high-definition touch screen, and a simple single-list menu on the home page that provides easy access to only frequently used features, along with one-touch access to contacts and other apps. It also provides convenient voice typing for emails and texts, and offers a variety of optional health and safety features.

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"Gives seniors more options."

The Jitterbug Smart's bright 5.5-inch color display features an easy-to-use main screen menu so users can get simple access to the Internet, texting and email. Also included is a voice-activated typing feature for easier texting.

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"I don't even have to use my glasses to see it!"

The best thing about it is the voice typing. I will just talk and then it'll type out the message and all you have to do is press the SEND button.

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