• GreatCall Splash


    The affordable, mobile, waterproof, one-touch medical alert.

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  • Jitterbug5


    The original easy-to-use cell phone, now with a one-touch urgent response button.

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  • GreatCall touch3

    Jitterbug Touch3

    User-friendly smartphone with built-in health and safety apps.

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Today, there’s a new generation of older Americans. More active. More mobile. More independent. That’s why GreatCall has redefined medical alert service for the way we age today. Our devices are easy to use and feature exclusive health and safety solutions that enhance your well-being, let you maintain your independence and help caregivers feel more capable.

GreatCall Product Family

Products that help ensure your safety and enhance your well-being

GreatCall has introduced three exclusive health and safety products. The GreatCall Splash is a mobile, waterproof one-button medical alert device that goes everywhere you go, even in the shower. The Jitterbug5 is a cell phone and medical alert all in one, with a dedicated 5Star Medical Alert button for help 24/7. And the new Jitterbug Touch3 is the only smartphone with built-in medical alert apps, so you will always be in control of your own well-being.

A choice of easy-to-use cell phones

The Jitterbug5 features a backlit keypad, big buttons with large, legible numbers, a powerful speaker for clear conversations, and a battery that lasts up to 25 days. The Jitterbug Touch3 is our latest smartphone that makes it easier to text, email, browse the Internet and download apps. Staying connected with family and friends is now easier and more affordable than ever.

GreatCall App Family Link 5Star MedCoach Urgent Care

GreatCall Link keeps families connected, even when they’re apart

Each GreatCall device is compatible with GreatCall Link, an innovative app that friends or family members download on their smartphone to stay connected to you. They’ll receive notifications in the event you’ve contacted our Medical Alert Agents and can see that you’ve reached your destination safely, whether your device is on or off and if it’s charged. Link provides reassurance to caregivers that family members are safe and well, while empowering those family members to live more independent lives.

GreatCall apps and services provide safety and independence

GreatCall offers a full range of mobile health and safety solutions. Our mobile 5Star Medical Alert Service lets you speak immediately to Medical Alert Agents. These highly-trained Agents will confirm your location, evaluate your situation and get you the help you need. Our Urgent Care service gives you unlimited access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors without an appointment, day or night. Our award-winning MedCoach service will help keep you on your prescription schedule.