GreatCall services provide safety and independence.

Whether you need emergency help, have a medical question, need a locksmith, or are concerned about having a fall, GreatCall has plans that offer these and other services, accessible right on your GreatCall phone or medical alert device.

John Walsh, Safety Advocate and Vice Chairman of GreatCall

Urgent Response

Get one-button help, 24/7.

For emergencies big or small, IAED-certified Agents will confirm your location, evaluate your situation, and get you the help you need using patented GPS technology. So whether you’re lost in an unfamiliar part of town, walking in a parking lot at night, or experiencing a medical issue, Urgent Response can help.


Press the Urgent Response button on your phone to connect to an IAED-certified Response Agent.


Agent will confirm your location, assess your situation, and get you the help you need.


Agent will remain with you on the line until your situation is resolved.

Urgent Care

Speak to a registered nurse or board-certified doctor from the comfort of your own home.

Medical advice is available to you anytime, anywhere, without an appointment. You can even get prescriptions and refills for common medications over the phone. And with Urgent Care, no insurance plan or co-pay is necessary.

GreatCall Link

Give your loved ones peace of mind.

The GreatCall Link app keeps friends and family updated on your health and safety. They just download the free app, and if you contact Urgent Response for help, they will receive an alert on their smartphone. You stay active and independent, while they feel more connected and reassured.


Fall Detection

Innovative technology detects falls.

When you wear your medical alert device on our specially designed Fall Detection lanyard, it can detect if you experience a fall. Advanced technology can sense sudden movement, so Urgent Response can be contacted and help can be sent even if you are unable to press the device button.

GreatCall Rides

The service that's more convenient and affordable than a taxi.

GreatCall has teamed up with Lyft, the trusted, nationwide ride service, to connect you to affordable rides right from your GreatCall phone. Just dial "0" and a live Personal Operator will provide an estimate. In minutes, a friendly driver will arrive at your location and take you where you want to go.

Brain Games

If you like puzzles, you’ll love Brain Games.

Brain Games is a fun way to keep your focus sharp and help improve your memory. Powered by Posit Science, the leading provider of clinically-proven brain fitness exercises, these games are pre-loaded on Jitterbug phones so you can play them anywhere you go.

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Jitterbug Smart2


Lively Mobile


Feel prepared and protected anytime, anywhere. With Urgent Response, you’re connected to highly-trained Agents, who can help in any situation, 24/7.

Speak to a live nurse or board-certified doctor, 24/7 without an appointment. You can also get a prescription for common medications over the phone.

Stay sharp and focused with fun, challenging brain games that help you improve your memory.

GreatCall has teamed up with Lyft, the trusted, nationwide ride service, to connect you to affordable and convenient rides right from your Jitterbug phone.

Detects and calls a 5Star Agent in the event of a fall.

Get unlimited access to a live, friendly operator who'll assist you with finding addresses, looking up phone numbers, connecting you to any number in the United States or Canada, and much more.