Caregiver technology: bridging the privacy versus independence conundrum

5/31/17 – As available technologies to support family caregivers in maintaining the well-being of their older family members increase, so does the privacy pushback. Older adults are concerned that some of these technological tools invade their privacy—a worry at odds with family caregivers’ goal of ensuring that their older relatives are safe at home and in their communities.

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5 Simple Ways To Sharpen Your Brain As You Age

5/11/17 – Most people are concerned with staying physically fit. They eat right to lower their cholesterol levels or practice yoga to improve their flexibility. But what about mental fitness?

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10 Thoughtful Tech Gifts That Take Mother’s Day Beyond Brunch

5/5/17 – Brunch and flowers are always a good Mother’s Day go-to plan. But there are also great tech options on the market today that provide more unexpected and ultimately more useful gifts for the mothers in your life.

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mHealth, Telehealth Providers Target Growing Senior Care Market

5/4/17 – With Baby Boomers ready to retire and wishing to stay active at home, mHealth and telehealth providers are launching new tools and platforms. They're also eyeing the remote patient monitoring and chronic care markets.

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Uber & Lyft for Seniors

4/21/17 – Ride-sharing technology provided by companies like Uber and Lyft have the potential to lead to vast improvements in the lives of seniors with no means of transportation. However, ride-sharing to date has focused on the Millennial market, leaving seniors who don’t have access to smart phones, or who aren’t tech savvy out of the equation completely.

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Getting a Lift: Ride Services Help to Get You Where You Want to Go

2/17/2017 – Many older folks find themselves stranded in the gap between transportation and technology. They no longer drive, and they don’t have, or can’t use, a smartphone to order rides like their grandkids do on ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft.

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GreatCall Leases New Location to Accommodate Expansion

2/7/17 – San Diego-based GreatCall Inc. has leased a 61,000-square-foot space in Carlsbad it plans to expand into in May. The connected-health company said the space at 2200 Faraday Ave. is 20 percent larger than GreatCall’s existing Carlsbad call center at 1950 Camino Vida Roble, which it will no longer occupy.

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Growing Elderly Population Creates New Opportunities for Technology

1/11/17 – Companies like Intuition Robotics are building consumer technology products aimed at aiding seniors.

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GreatCall buys Healthsense, expands footprint into senior communities

12/20/16 – San Diego’s GreatCall, which provides cell phone plans and services for seniors, said Tuesday that it has acquired Healthsense to beef up its connected health services in senior living communities.

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GreatCall acquires Healthsense, further expanding its aging technology scope

12/20/16 – San Diego-based GreatCall, an aging-in-place tech company that makes both phones for seniors and mPERS, has acquired Healthsense, a Minnesota-based remote monitoring company.

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GreatCall acquires home-monitoring startup Healthsense

12/20/16 – GreatCall, maker of mobile technology for seniors, has acquired home-monitoring startup Healthsense. Mendota Heights, Minnesota-based Healthsense places wireless sensors around living spaces to monitor patients at home and in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

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Checking in on the elderly this holiday season

12/6/16 – While the holidays offers families the chance to come together during the most wonderful time of the year, it also allows you to observe the health of family you haven’t seen in a while, particularly elderly parents.

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When Innovation Is Not Enough: How GreatCall Has Grown Its Market

11/29/2016 – In the 10 years since David Inns joined San Diego-based GreatCall as CEO, he has seen a proliferation of innovative healthtech startups that are targeting baby boomers who are in or nearing retirement. For many healthtech startups, however, Inns said innovation is not enough.

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David Inns Named EY Entrepreneur of the Year

11/22/16 – The CEO of San Diego-based GreatCall, David Inns, has been named 2016’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the national award’s services category.

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Lyft and Uber launch programs to cater to seniors

8/30/16 – Uber and Lyft spent the last four years cornering the millennial market. Now they’re going after a new demographic: senior citizens. Both ride-hailing companies recently announced partnerships with service providers that allow older customers to book rides through a phone operator, bypassing smartphone apps entirely.

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EY Names 6 Startup Leaders as San Diego Entrepreneurs of the Year

6/22/16 – Six San Diego business risk-takers have been inducted into the pantheon of EY Entrepreneurs of the Year, joining over 10,000 people around the world who have been honored over the last 30 years by the multinational professional services firm.

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Jitterbug Touch-Screen, Flip Phones Give Seniors More Options

4/29/16 – GreatCall is targeting the new phones and mobile plans at seniors who want phones that make calls and send texts, but have little use for lots of data.

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It's OK Not to Use a Smartphone

4/27/2016 – Flip phones and candybar phones have a niche with people seeking simplicity, low prices – and just a way to just unplug. Americans are actually buying more flip phones, candybar phones and other 2000s throwbacks.

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Want to Spend Your Senior Years at Home? Here's How to Do It

1/21/2016 - By making minor changes to a home, utilizing available resources and maintaining social connections, experts say there is no reason seniors can’t stay in their homes as they get older.

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BEST OF CES 2016: The Wondrous and Wacky Year Ahead in Gadgets

1/5/2016 - Every January, the tech world reveals its most ambitious works in progress at CES in Las Vegas. Here's a look at the best-and craziest-devices coming your way, from app-controlled shoes to a two-way video-call system...for your pet.

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6 Tips for Teaching Your Parents about Tech Without Ripping Your Head Off

12/17/2015 - When it comes to teaching Mom (or Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa) to use tech, it's not always so simple. How many times have you told your mom that she can't zoom in on Instagram or she doesn't have to sign texts "Love, Mom"? It can take more than a little patience to conquer your new role as teacher.

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To Reach Seniors, Tech Start-Ups Must First Relate to Them

10/23/2015 - Entrepreneurs are hard at work developing platforms, apps, sites and devices meant to help older adults manage their health, live independently and maintain family and social connections, all laudable goals.

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GreatCall and Other Mobile Medical Alerts Promise Help When You're Out or at Home

9/17/2015 - Traditional medical alert systems can get help when you have an accident at home. But now you can also buy mobile devices, including GreatCall Splash and Mobile Help Solo, that promise to connect you with a rescue team for medical emergencies that happen when you’re out and about.

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Why Great CEOs Do Yoga With Their Employees

8/21/2015 - Five ways that participating in fitness activities with employees can transform their views on work.

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GreatCall CEO Sees Consumerization of Healthcare

8/5/2015 - As walk-in clinics at retail pharmacies and urgent care providers sprout on street corners and rural back roads, and mobile apps give patients access to new health tools, traditional healthcare systems face new competitors.

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Is a 'Dumb Phone' for You? Top 5 Phones That Simplify Mobile Life

7/23/2015 - Not everybody needs a smartphone: In fact, almost 600 million people this year are expected to buy "dumb phones" that provide only basic talking and texting. Tech expert Katie Linendoll shows Savannah Guthrie her top five choices for basic, not very smart phones.

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Safety Technology Not Just for Seniors

7/13/2015 - There are new "toys" on the market targeted to seniors. However, while these products are marketed for seniors, they are devices anyone can use for safety and recovery. Indeed, many of these new devices are aimed at anyone who walks and talks.

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Simplified Cellphones for Seniors With Hearing Problems

6/28/2015 - Can you recommend some basic simplified cellphones for seniors with hearing loss? My 82-year-old father needs to get a new cellphone for occasional calls or emergencies, but he needs something that's easy to use and one that he can hear on.

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3 Must-Have Cell Phones for Seniors

6/17/2015 - What if your parents don’t want a smartphone for video chatting, emailing or surfing the Internet but need just a simple cell phone? No problem - such phones still exist. We looked at several and picked the three below as worthy options.

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How to Keep Up With Your Medications

4/20/2015 - What products or solutions can you recommend to help seniors keep up with their medications? My mom is supposed to take several different medications at different times of the day, but frequently forgets.

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8 Innovators Targeting the Elder-Care Market

4/8/2015 - Inns' secret to success: A customized experience from top to bottom, including required "sensitivity training" for customer service agents, where they use the products while wearing glasses that simulate glaucoma and gloves that simulate arthritis.

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New Technology Can Help Seniors Remain at Home

4/8/2015 - Most of us want to remain at home as we get older, but safety and health issues and social isolation can interfere with that plan. A growing number of seniors are turning to state-of-the-art digital tools -- via smartphones, GPS, voice activation and sensors - that enable them to stay put indefinitely.

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Home Health Technology Can Save the Day

3/20/2015 - Monitoring your health at home has become easier with products that used to be found only in a doctor’s office. Home safety monitoring has gotten smarter, too, using GPS, cellular networks and even smartphones. Here are a few gadgets that can help alert you to potential health issues before they become emergencies - and also help you cope with actual emergencies when they occur.

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NBC 7 News Features GreatCall Medical App "Urgent Care"

3/6/2015 - Consumer Bob from NBC News interviews GreatCall CEO David Inns about the GreatCall medical app, Urgent Care. Urgent Care gives consumers instant access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors 24/7 - where you can receive medical advice, diagnosis and prescriptions for common medications over the phone. The robust medical app also has a built in medical symptoms tracker and medical dictionary.

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Simplified Smartphone Options for Tech-Shy Seniors

3/3/2015 - There are several different ways you can go about getting your mom a simplified smartphone that's easy for her to use. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, here are some different options to consider.

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How Tech Is Helping Seniors Live at Home, Not in a Home

1/21/2015 - Most seniors would like to remain independent, and continue to live in their own home as long as possible. It’s important that they can do so in a safe way. Technology can help ease the worries about not knowing if an aging family member has wandered off, hurt themselves, or forgotten to take their medication

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GreatCall Splash With 5Star

7/1/2014 - Out of all the MPERS we tested, the 5-Star is by far the most affordable, and it performed well in all aspects.

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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Tech Services Award Winner
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Tech Services Award Winner

June 2016 - GreatCall CEO, David Inns, received the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Award in the Tech Services category in San Diego. The award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance, and personal commitment to their businesses and communities.

CTIA 2010 Hot for the Holidays Awards Program

October 2010 – At an October 8 ceremony at International CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2010®, GreatCall, Inc., creators of the Jitterbug cell phone and service, received the CTIA Hot for the Holiday’s "Gift for the Health & Wellness Nut" award for their Medication Reminders service.

CTIA 2009 Hot for the Holidays Awards Program

October 2009 – At an October 8 ceremony at International CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2009®, GreatCall, Inc., creators of the Jitterbug cell phone and service, received the CTIA Hot for the Holiday’s "Hottest Mobile Consumer Application" award for their Jitterbug LiveNurseTM service.

Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research

June 2009 – GreatCall, Inc., co-founder and Chairman Martin Cooper was honored with a Prince of Asturias Award for his contributions in mobile telephony. The awards acknowledge work carried out by individuals, institutions, groups of people or groups of institutions whose achievements are exemplary at an international level.

Stevie® American Business Awards
Finalist in "Best Overall Company of the Year -- Up to 2,500 Employees -- All Other Industries"

May 2009 – The Stevie Awards were created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and business people worldwide. The Stevie's mission is to raise the profile of exemplary organizations and individuals among the press, the business community, and the general public. In short order the Stevie has become one of the world's most coveted awards.

Wireless Life-Sciences / Triple Tree I Award
"Best Consumer Experience"

May 2009 – The I Award is a program created by TripleTree to identify companies that have developed and are delivering technologies and services in wireless health that reduce healthcare costs and improve healthcare outcomes for consumers. GreatCall was selected as the winner for "Best Consumer Experience," which honors the best mobile or wireless experience to the consumer or patient.

Today’s Caregiver magazine’s "Caregiver Friendly Award"
Winner in "Product" Category

June 2009 – The 2009 Today’s Caregiver magazine’s Caregiver Friendly Award recognizes outstanding books, media, products and services which have been designed with the best interest of the caregiver and their loved one in mind. Jitterbug phones were recognized in the Product category.

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