Senior Communities

Boosting seniors’ independence while keeping them safe is no easy task. Especially when you need to keep a close eye on costs. That’s why GreatCall mobile devices and services are designed to simply and affordably give you the help you need.

Lower costs.

Through senior community care services like automatic fall detection and mobile access to 24x7 emergency response, GreatCall can help reduce the number of accidents and the round the clock demands on your staff. Our care management solutions allow your community employees to focus on their jobs, improving satisfaction and reducing staff turnover. Residents benefit from a continuity of staff and the organization experiences lower recruiting, training, and administrative costs.

Greater freedom.

GreatCall's care management solutions and urgent response devices give seniors the freedom to be more active and confident knowing that help is just one button away. Improved community care for the elderly also provides seniors a range of services designed to keep them engaged, whether it’s calendar events, daily check-in calls, or medical coaching.

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Exclusive services to keep people active, mobile, and independent

Our exclusive health and safety services can be accessed right from a phone or device, so people can ensure their well-being and safety from anywhere.

Set yourself apart.

In a crowded marketplace, attracting new customers is always a challenge. As a leading technology provider of connected health and safety solutions that improve community care for the elderly as well as residents' happiness and wellness, GreatCall is another way you can stand out from the competition and gain an edge.

Happier, healthier patients.

With GreatCall, you can help patients return to their normal lives faster, with the peace of mind that help is always just one button away.

“Now I feel safer and have fewer worries since I wear their device every day.”

Joyce, Roswell GA

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