GreatCall Link keeps families connected and independent.

Providing care for an aging family member can be tough, and sometimes overwhelming.

GreatCall understands this. That’s why we’ve created easy-to-use products that work with innovative health and safety services to simplify your to-do list and help you feel more in control of your daily routine. GreatCall Link, a free app for your smartphone, keeps you informed about the health and safety of family members with GreatCall devices. You can check in with them when you want from anywhere, without disturbing them - helping them maintain the independent life they love.

GreatCall Link for you + a GreatCall device for them = a plan for care with pride.

With GreatCall Link, you can:

  • Check if their device is on and see the power level
  • View a list of your family member’s daily activities
  • Receive notifications when an emergency call is made
  • See their location on a map through patented GPS technology

Plus, the new Link Check-in feature alerts the caregiver if the cell phone user answers negatively to "YES" or "NO" questions on their phone screen (Jitterbug5 only).

The GreatCall Link app is just one part of the solution. You’ll also need a Link-compatible device to get the reassurance that your family member is safe and well.

Download the GreatCall Link app for:

A GreatCall product and the GreatCall Link app work together to keep the whole family connected and independent.


Open the GreatCall Link app on a smartphone and know immediately if the device is on. No more wondering if it’s forgotten at home or if it needs to be charged. You’ll even get an alert when the battery reaches critical level, so you can remind them to recharge and remain connected to help.


Be in the know. Link will send push notifications for selected actions, including when a call is made to 5Star Emergency Services. When you have current information, you’re able to make decisions quickly, allowing you to follow up without delay.


When the locator feature is enabled, 5Star agents and invited contacts can confirm a Subscriber’s location on a map. In an emergency, this information can be relayed to first responders and save crucial minutes and seconds. Use the locator along with your smartphone’s navigation system to get directions directly to the Subscriber's location, without having to call.


View a list of daily activities to confirm routines are normal. The app lists recent locations, based on information in the Personal Profile, making it easy to see if appointments are being kept or if there is a change in routine.

The free GreatCall Link app comes with the purchase of select Health & Safety Packages.

GreatCall keeps the whole family connected with easy-to-use products and smartphone apps designed to help everyone receive the care and information they want.