Whether you’re at home or on the go, life can catch you by surprise.

With 5Star Service and Fall Detection technology on the Lively™ Mobile Plus medical alert device, you’re ready for whatever comes your way. Using advanced technology that senses sudden movement, your device automatically connects you to an IAED (Formerly NAED) Certified Response Agent when a fall is detected. The Agent will confirm your location, evaluate the situation, and get you the help you need.

How Fall Detection works


When you wear your device with our specially designed lanyard around your neck and a fall is detected, it will automatically contact 5Star without the need to press a button.


A 5Star urgent response Agent will be contacted through the Lively Mobile Plus.


The Agent will confirm your location, assess the situation and get you the help you need.

Take Fall Detection wherever you go.

Falls can happen anywhere. So whether you’re in your home or out for a walk, wear the Lively Mobile Plus medical alert device around your neck on our specially designed lanyard for the fastest Agent response time.

Fall Detection even works when it’s raining.

Falls most commonly occur in wetter environments, and now with our completely waterproof design you can confidently take a shower, go to the pool, or enjoy a day at the beach without fear with the Lively Mobile Plus.

Get Fall Detection on the Lively Mobile Plus medical alert device.

The mobile medical alert device that connects directly to a 5Star Agent for immediate help. Use it anywhere with no minutes needed.