Keep your mind active.

Whether through staying socially engaged or intellectually stimulated, research shows that keeping the brain active may contribute to a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease. Such activity has been shown to increase the brain's vitality and may even build its reserves of brain cells and connections.

One recent study showed that people who engage in mentally stimulating activities like reading, going to lectures and visiting museums – and even games, puzzles and brain teasers – show slower memory loss and other mental problems associated with Alzheimer's, or at least help the symptoms appear later.

Powered by Posit Science®, the leading provider of clinically-proven brain fitness exercises, these games are fun and challenging ways to train your brain on attention, speed and memory. They’re available for free and pre-loaded on Jitterbug phones so you can play them anytime, anywhere.

Fun games to train your brain.

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Jitterbug Flip

  • Quick Match

    Improve focus by retraining your brain to focus its attention.

  • Make a Pair

    Sharpen your memory by improving your brain’s ability to record what it sees.

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Jitterbug Smart2

  • Right Turn

    Test your ability to mentally rotate images—an important component of navigation.

  • Face Facts

    Exercise your ability to remember names, faces, and facts about new people you meet.

  • Target Tracker

    Help build divided attention by tracking several moving object.s

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5Star Urgent Response

Be prepared for any situation, anytime, anywhere.

5Star Urgent Response Service provides easy-to-use and reliable access to IAED (International Academies of Emergency Dispatch) Certified 5Star Agents who will confirm your location, evaluate your situation, and get you the help you need. Trained in CPR and other emergency procedures, they can assist you with any uncertain or unsafe situation, 24 hours a day. So whether you’re lost in an unfamiliar part of town, walking in a parking lot at night, or experiencing a medical issue, 5Star Service can help.

Service includes:
911 Support and Follow-up - 5Star Agents can call 9-1-1 on your behalf or conference you in.
Your Personal Profile - The secure information you choose to provide in your Personal Profile empowers your 5Star Agent with critical details for faster, more personalized assistance.
Reliable Nationwide Coverage - Anywhere wireless coverage is available, your phone calls and 5Star Service are powered by the nation’s most dependable wireless network.
Multilingual Support - 5Star Agents can provide translation support for over 100 languages.

With 5Star Urgent Response Service, you and your family can worry less, knowing that someone you trust is always available to help, whenever you need it.

How it works:
  1. 1 Press the button to speak immediately with a 5Star Urgent Response Agent.
  2. 2 Agent will confirm your location, evaluate your situation and even stay on the line until your situation is resolved.
  3. 3 Agents can call emergency services, get roadside assistance or a locksmith, or contact family.

Included with select Health & Safety Packages.

$4 per month if purchased separately.

Compatible with:

Urgent Care

24/7 access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors.

With Urgent Care, you can speak with a live nurse or a doctor 24/7 and even get a prescription for common medications over the phone. It’s an easy way to access quality medical advice that’s available anytime, anywhere and insurance is not necessary. The companion Urgent Care app on the Jitterbug Smart also offers a Symptom Checker and Medical Dictionary on your phone.

Service includes:
Registered nurses and board-certified doctors available 24/7
No appointment or co-pay necessary
Prescriptions by phone
Access to robust Medical Dictionary and interactive Symptom Checker for Jitterbug Smart customers
Spanish translation available
Urgent Care, brought to you in partnership with FONEMED®, is not a substitute for dialing 9-1-1 and should not be used in a case of emergency. FONEMED's registered nurses and contracted physicians through MDLIVE (the “Providers”) offer advice regarding health care decisions, may prescribe certain medications and make diagnoses. We are not liable for any act or omission, including negligence, of any FONEMED employee or contractor. GreatCall is not a health care provider and does not provide health care services. You should seek the advice of your physician if you have any questions about medical treatment.

Brain Games available on:

The simple smartphone with a large screen and a simplified menu.

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The easy-to-use flip phone with big buttons and a loud speaker.

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