Keep your mind active.

Whether through staying socially engaged or intellectually stimulated, research shows that keeping the brain active may contribute to a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease. Such activity has been shown to increase the brain's vitality and may even build its reserves of brain cells and connections.

One recent study showed that people who engage in mentally stimulating activities like reading, going to lectures and visiting museums – and even games, puzzles and brain teasers – show slower memory loss and other mental problems associated with Alzheimer's, or at least help the symptoms appear later.

Powered by Posit Science®, the leading provider of clinically-proven brain fitness exercises, these games are fun and challenging ways to train your brain on attention, speed and memory. They’re available for free and pre-loaded on GreatCall phones so you can play them anytime, anywhere.

Fun games to train your brain.

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Lively Flip

  • Eye For Detail

    Work out your working memory for better recall later.

  • To-Do List Training

    Improve your ability to accurately record what you hear.

  • Right Turn

    Exercise your spatial rotation skills to improve navigation.

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Jitterbug Smart2

  • Right Turn

    Test your ability to mentally rotate images—an important component of navigation.

  • Face Facts

    Exercise your ability to remember names, faces, and facts about new people you meet.

  • Target Tracker

    Help build divided attention by tracking several moving objects.

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