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Our exclusive health and safety services can be accessed right from your phone or device, so you can ensure your well-being and safety from anywhere.

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Highly-trained agents are here to help you anytime.

5Star Urgent Response

Just press the button to speak to an IAED Certified 5Star Agent. They will assess your situation and get you any kind of help you need.

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Urgent Care

Speak with a nurse or doctor for medical advice and common prescription medications 24/7 without an appointment.

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MedCoach makes it easy to follow your vitamin and prescription schedule with friendly reminder messages sent to your phone.

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People you can
count on.

Our award-winning U.S.-based customer service representatives and technical support professionals are here if you need assistance.

Call us at 1-866-490-0799

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GreatCall is powered by the nation’s largest and most dependable wireless network.

Keep in touch on the nation’s largest, most dependable wireless network.

Explore family
caregiving solutions.

GreatCall supports those who are caring for aging family members with the latest information and resources.

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