Jitterbug Smart2

Jitterbug Smart2


+ Monthly Plan & Activation

Staying connected has never been easier or more affordable.

Jitterbug Smart2

Plus monthly plan and activation.
  • Simple, list-based menu
  • Large 5.5" screen is easy to see
  • Voice typing makes texting simple
  • Front facing speaker for clearer conversations
  • Long-lasting battery keeps you connected longer
  • Built-in 13MP camera with flash
  • 5Star Urgent Response button
  • Mobile Internet access and directions

The $40 Unlimited Plan.

Never pay data overage charges. For just $40 a month you can talk, text, and stream as much as you want. It's available with the purchase of a Lively Health & Safety package for as low as just $19.99, giving you unlimited access to our health and safety services including our exclusive Urgent Response service.

Save big when you choose unlimited talk, text and data.

Our plans can already help you save when you add a Health & Safety Package. Now you can save even more when you bundle with our unlimited talk, text and data plan.
Monthly Minutes Monthly Cost*
100 Minutes $5.00
750 Minutes $10.00
1500 Minutes $15.00
Monthly Texts  Monthly Cost**
500 Texts $3.00
1000 Texts $5.00
2500 Texts $10.00
Unlimited Texts $15.00

**Text prices indicated are with the purchase of a Basic Health & Safety Package. Unlimited texts are free with the purchase of a Preferred or Ultimate Health & Safety Package.

Unlimited Talk & Text Plan (data plan required) just $20.00
Unlimited Talk & Text Plan with unlimited data, all for just $40.00
Monthly Data Monthly Cost*
100 MB $2.49
250 MB $5.00
1 GB $10.00
2.5 GB $15.00

*Taxes and fees apply. Health & Safety discount on monthly minutes reflected in chart above. Unlimited talk/text and unlimited talk/text/data requires purchase of a Health & Safety Package and is available to both existing and new customers on existing or new lines of service. Offer price does not include any additional costs such as Health & Safety Package, device cost, optional features or services, taxes, assessments or surcharges. GreatCall reserves the right to end the unlimited talk, text and data offer at any time. Call waiting, Caller ID, long distance and roaming included in your plan. Learn about overage charges.

More data. More options.

If you like to watch videos, take and send pictures, access social sites, get directions with GPS navigation, or even listen to your favorite music on your phone, then our new Unlimited Plan is right for you.

Talk or text 24/7.

Staying connected with family and friends has never been easier, or more affordable. With the Unlimited Plan, you can talk as long as you want and send an unlimited amount of text messages with our effortless Voice Typing.

Share unlimited memories.

A built-in camera with flash lets you take high-quality photos and videos of family, friends and vacations. And our unlimited plan allows you to share them via text, email or social media without incurring additional monthly charges.

Your health and safety has always been our number one priority.

Your health and safety has always been our number one priority.

That's why we designed the Jitterbug Smart2 with an easy-to-use Urgent Response button along with a suite of health and safety services. With our exclusive Urgent Response service, In any uncertain or unsafe situation, a highly-trained Agent will confirm your location and get you the help you need, 24/7. You can even speak to a board-certified doctor or registered nurse with our Urgent Care service. And our Link app gives family caregivers peace of mind.

Choose the Health & Safety Package that suits you.

GreatCall services turn your Jitterbug Smart2 into a personal safety device. Find the best value for you by comparing package prices below.

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Feel prepared and protected anytime, anywhere. With Urgent Reponse, you’re connected to highly-trained Agents, who can help in any situation, 24/7.

Stay sharp and focused with fun, challenging brain games that help you improve your memory.

Speak to a live nurse or board-certified doctor, 24/7 without an appointment. You can also get a prescription for common medications over the phone.

Get unlimited access to a live, friendly operator who'll assist you with finding addresses, looking up phone numbers, connecting you to any number in the United States or Canada, and much more.

Confirm coverage in your area.

Keep in touch on the nation’s largest, most dependable wireless network.