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GPS Tracker for Kids

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GreatCall Splash with 5Star – GPS Tracker for Kids

What parent, at some point, hasn’t wished that they could have a GPS tracker for their kids? The world is unpredictable and, unfortunately, filled with potential dangers and threats for children. As children grow and need independence, parents face the unnerving reality of sending their kids out into the unknown.

The GreatCall Splash, an urgent response system and GPS tracking device for kids, can provide children and parents with peace of mind and confidence. The Splash has dual functions, working as a tracking device for kids, as well as one-button-push contact with IAED Certified Agents, for help in any emergency, big or small. Powered by the nation’s largest and most dependable wireless network, the Splash child GPS tracker has nationwide coverage. The Splash device is easy to use, durable, and small - easily thrown in a backpack or book bag. The Splash is also available as an app on an iPhone or Android-powered smartphone, which puts this potentially life-saving service on the one item your child is most likely to have on them at all times.

The Splash functions as a child-tracking device because of its powerful, patented GPS technology. The Splash allows IAED Certified Agents to immediately confirm the user’s location, communicating through a two-way speaker, evaluate the situation, and contact 9-1-1 or medical assistance, if needed. Another feature that makes the Splash the ideal child GPS tracking device is the ability for parents to use GreatCall Link, which is included in select GreatCall Health & Safety Packages. Link is a free smartphone app for family caregivers that keeps you connected and provides updates on the status and wellbeing of the person carrying the Splash device.

Parents, or any certified profile user, can access GreatCall Link from any smartphone or on the web and instantly identify the location of their child. GPS devices for kids allow for more freedom, confidence, and safety. Parents can find comfort in having high accuracy in location tracking knowing the location of their child, in real time. The child can feel safer, knowing that he or she will never be lost and always just a button push away from help. The world today is filled with threats and unforeseen situations, but tracking devices for kids help put a powerful layer of protection around your children and family.

Not only a child tracker, Splash also includes urgent response services, at no additional cost. At the push of the button, 5Star Agents are there and ready to help. If your child is lost, scared of a break-in, broken down on the side of the road, being bullied at school, can’t find you at an amusement park, feeling threatened, or in any situation where he or she feels in need of support –help will be available. Parents often torture themselves, agonizing endlessly about where their child is: is the child safe, are they lost, and so on. The Splash provides the much-needed relief from these fears. Beyond just child tracking, the Splash is also like a locator, the police, paramedics, and a levelheaded advisor … all in your child’s pocket.

Parents struggle and worry about protecting their children, but know that they can’t be everywhere, all the time. 5Star Service and GPS locator technology on the Splash can – it will always be there, helping protect your child and helping bring him or her safely home again.