Creating technology that works to build connections and change lives.

“Through Your Eyes,” commissioned by GreatCall, is a five-part dramatic series on how technology is impacting aging in America. Written and directed by Elisa-Sofia Fioretti, a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York, the short films tell the story of an Italian-American widower who lets technology into his life – initially to stay connected to his granddaughter and, with a little practice, to find a long-lost love.

“Through Your Eyes” gives us a closer look at the people we innovate for and an opportunity to see how what we do matters – especially through their eyes.

Episode 1

“Here It Goes”

When Alberto’s granddaughter Lisa heads off to college, they find new ways to stay in touch.

Episode 2

“More Birthday Wishes”

When Lisa comes home to visit Alberto, she surprises him with a digital scrapbook of his past photos and discovers a long-lost love.

Episode 3

“Hang On To Them”

After talking with his best friend Vince, Alberto composes a letter to Luz, and Lisa sets out to find her using social media.

Episode 4

“Wouldn’t Be Tough”

When the search on social media doesn’t find Luz, Alberto sets out to find her by going to her old gallery, but his search is interrupted by an emergency.

Episode 5

“Do You Remember Me?”

In this powerful conclusion, Alberto visits Vince in the hospital, and Lisa turns up a lead on Luz.