Healthcare Systems

Whether you're managing a regional hospital or a nationwide health system, you're focused on improving outcomes and the patient experience. At the same time, you need to reduce cost and complexity. That's why GreatCall supports your population health management initiatives and helps you stay connected to patients with cost-effective solutions that are easy to deploy and manage.

Lower costs.

Seniors utilize more healthcare resources per capita than any other group and 66% of Medicare recipients have multiple chronic conditions. GreatCall brings you cost effective senior care management solutions to maintain patient relationships—replacing equipment and labor with a modern medical alert system that requires minimal support and training. By staying connected to patients before, during, and after care, you can keep patients out of medical environments while reducing the number of costly readmissions.

Better outcomes.

GreatCall's senior care software and management creates a better connection between the patient and the healthcare system. Through our vision of a connected health ecosystem, daily vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure can be combined with behavioral data such as falls and wellness checks. By mining data across large patient populations and applying smart algorithms, you can use predictive analysis to prevent emergency events and improve wellness.

With software tools designed to monitor and share data, we can help you improve outcomes by dealing with health issues before they become health problems.

Exclusive services to keep people active, mobile, and independent

Our exclusive health and safety services can be accessed right from a phone or device, so people can ensure their well-being and safety from anywhere.

Better care.

Effective transitions of care are key to mitigate readmissions, avoidable ER visits and costly hospitalizations. GreatCall offers a range of services designed to keep patients safe and healthy, from automatic fall detection to one-button access to urgent care professionals. And we help your patients get ahead of the game with options such as weekly calls from wellness experts and daily health tips. Our connected health solutions and senior care software will leverage data, analytics and best-in-class, scaled 24x7 service to help older patients remain active, healthy and independent.

Happier, healthier patients.

With GreatCall, you can help patients return to their normal lives faster, with the peace of mind that help is always just one button away.

“The device is part of my life. It’s just there, and it’s really great.”

Suze, San Mateo CA

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