Partner Programs

Certified Dealer
  • Intended for individual owners of a retail stores or websites, or sales reps, that sell directly to consumers, and small businesses that sell less than 150 units per year, such as home health agencies, medical practices and community centers.
  • Products available with the certified dealer program include: Jitterbug and Lively Mobile.
  • Certified dealers purchase GreatCall devices and accessories at discount and resell at our MAP.
  • Products are shipped to you.
  • A certified dealer agreement is required.
  • This program can be combined with the Online Affiliate Program.
5Star Reseller
  • The 5Star Reseller Program is available to healthcare payers, healthcare providers, health plans, home health companies, Veterans Administration facilities, Medicaid and Medicare programs, and medical monitoring companies that integrate services for care recipients.
  • GreatCall's 5Star mobile personal emergency response (mPERS) can be combined with other solutions listed under Healthcare Solutions.
  • This program is designed specifically for organizations that commit to add at least 1,500 new GreatCall 5Star subscribers per year, and are purchasing the Lively Mobile with 5Star Service for distribution to their care recipients. (Member Discount and Bulk Purchase Programs are available for smaller quantities and different purchasing arrangements.)
Member Discount
  • Intended for entities representing specific groups of consumer, including: advocacy organizations; social, profession and school affiliated associations; service organizations including healthcare entities and home health providers; senior living communities and organizations; and the like.
  • The Jitterbug or Lively Mobile and service are purchased by your members directly from GreatCall’s Sales Center with the use of a promotion code we provide to you.
  • Products are shipped directly to the member.
  • Jitterbug health management services may be included with the Jitterbug offer.
  • Minimum program size: 50-100 units per device included.
  • A member discount agreement is required.
Bulk Purchase
  • Similar to the Member Discount Program. However, the Jitterbug or Lively Mobile is purchased in multiple standard lots by your organization (at a larger discount than available to individual buyers) for resale or distribution to your clients.
  • This program is intended for organizations that have at least 150 potential new subscribers per device included, per year, and are purchasing the device on behalf of or for resale or distribution to their clients. Products are shipped directly to the member.
  • Each month GreatCall pays your organization a commission for devices activated by the clients.
  • A bulk purchase agreement is required.
Technology Partners

If your organization can bring established value, technology, assets, product, expertise and resources to the table to create something new with us, something that extends our wireless services in a meaningful way, we would like to speak with you.

Online Affiliate Program
  • Intended for companies that promote GreatCall products directly to consumers through its website and link to for shopping cart experience.
  • Products available with the affiliate program include: Jitterbug Flip, Jitterbug Smart, Lively Mobile and Lively Wearable.
  • Online Affiliates earn a designated commission on each sale.
  • Online Affiliates will promote GreatCall products on its website which will link to for shopping check-out. Products are shipped directly from GreatCall to end consumer.
  • An application is required through Impact Radius.
  • This program can be combined with the Certified Dealer Program.

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