Give Back with Gifts this Easter – Gift Ideas for the Seniors In Your Life

Mar 24, 2016, 10:09 AM by Bryan Pavin
Give Back with Gifts this Easter – Gift Ideas for the Seniors In Your Life

Easter is a time for reflection and family. Whether your parents or grandparents live near or far, give back this Easter to those who have given you so much. With these gifts for the elderly, you can bring a smile to your loved one's face and brighten their day. Make this Easter one to remember!

Easter Basket

What better way to celebrate Easter than with an Easter basket? If you're looking for gifts for elderly relatives, look no further – with an Easter basket, you can tailor your gift around Mom and Dad's interests. If your mother, father, or grandparents love chocolate, you can indulge their sweet tooth with chocolates of all shapes and sizes. Do they like coffee? Throw in some whole beans for good measure! Better yet, an Easter basket allows you to include other small gifts as well, from little trinkets and novelty toys to gift cards and gift certificates. Are your loved ones still mobile? Include gift certificates for the local art museum or cinema among the mounds of chocolate.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts make great gifts for seniors. Why settle for something store-bought (especially for the people in your life who already have everything) when you can give your loved one a home-made gift that they will cherish for years. Create a memorable keepsake that shows you put more than money into your loved one's Easter gift, and it will be adored for a lifetime. Consider making a scrapbook of your favorite memories, creating a collage of childhood photos, or putting together a cookbook of famous family recipes (with photos). No matter what you do, craft it with love, and it will be received with love.

Framed Photos

Like arts and crafts, framed photos make terrific gifts for elderly parents and grandparents. If your parents or grandparents are like most people, they have spent an entire lifetime accumulating things, and the last thing they need is likely more stuff. Gift them with positive memories instead, in the form of framed photographs. Consider giving them photos of their grandchildren, or photos from their youth. Find old photos that have been buried in boxes for years and years, and give them a new lease on life. Go with your heart and you can't go wrong!


Flowers are beautiful, aromatic, and a sign that Spring is right around the corner, making them a perfect Easter gift. Whether your parents or grandparents live at home, or in a long-term care or assisted living facility, flowers can brighten up any room. Have them delivered, or better yet, deliver them in person if you're able to yourself. And if you don't like the ideas of buying flowers because they have a short shelf life, consider buying a small potted plant instead – not only will it last years with proper maintenance, but it will give your loved one something to look after and care for, as well.

Games and Puzzles

Studies show that staying mentally active can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease, among other psychological conditions. Puzzles and games are not only fun and diverting for people of older age, they can be tremendous tools for mental development. With mind puzzles and mentally stimulating games, like Sudoku and chess, your loved ones can exercise their brains regularly – something that watching television typically can't do. Consider traditional puzzles, math games, strategy games, and other brain challenges. Your loved ones will enjoy the challenge, and you'll be helping them stay mentally fit in the process.

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