Get Away This President's Day - Join a Senior Travel Group

Feb 5, 2016, 10:17 AM by Bryan Pavin
Get Away This President's Day - Join a Senior Travel Group Think your loved one could use a vacation? Find out more about how joining a senior travel group could benefit your loved one, and help them plan a getaway this President's Day.

Travel invigorates the spirit, satisfies our curiosity, opens us up to new experiences and new cultures, and provides us with priceless memories. Whether you and your spouse are retired, your parents or grandparents are now empty nesters, or you're looking to start life anew in your elder years, travel can give you a renewed sense of purpose and drive. But where does an individual interested in senior travel get started? We have good news: there are a whole host of senior travel groups, tours, and clubs to take advantage of.

The Benefits of Senior Travel Tours

Whether your loved one (or you) is traveling for the first time or getting back to a life of adventure after decades away, senior travel groups help make the transition seamless and easy. One of the largest hurdles for all travelers – not just seniors, but everyone – is the unknown.

How will I order dinner? How will I navigate the city that I'm in? How will I know which areas are safe and which areas should be avoided? How will I communicate with the locals? These are common questions posed by travelers around the world, and for many, are reason enough not to go on that grand adventure. For some, fear of the unknown is an insurmountable hurdle. Senior travel tours help alleviate these concerns or eliminate them altogether.

Senior travel groups are led by experienced travel guides who often speak not only your language, but the host language as well. They also know the area, can provide you or your loved one with invaluable insight on local points of interest and restaurants among other things, and give advice on what to do and what not to do when in the country (whether your loved one is actually venturing out of the country or not; for a first-time visitor who hasn't traveled often, New York City may be every bit as intimidating as Paris or Tokyo).

In other words, organized clubs, groups and tours make senior travel easy, because they eliminate uncertainty. With a group of people to keep them company, your loved one can travel around a new city on foot without having to worry about getting lost. And with accommodations (and in many cases, food as well) part of the package, your loved ones don't have to burden or worry themselves about where to stay either. Senior travel groups take care of the necessities so your loved ones can soak in the experience.

Where to Get Started

If you're booking a package for your parents or grandparents, there are a number of senior travel groups to consider. Act fast, and you may be able to book them on a trip for this President's Day! A week in Rome or Paris may seem a bit extravagant, but it's safe to say that your parents have earned it! After all, they spent the bulk of their lives caring for you. And there are senior travel tours for the United States, too, should Mom or Dad prefer to spend President's Day seeing America. Some groups to consider include:

Senior Travel Can be a Breeze

If your loved one has always expressed an interest in seeing the world or getting to know the United States up close, but never had the time or courage, you can act for them. Browse through the tour sites above and find the package that's right for your loved one! What’s more, GreatCall offers mobile solutions perfect for staying in touch, while also offering features like 5Star medical alert, simplified typing keyboards, and a built-in camera. For more information, click here.