The Best Gifts for Caregivers to Give to Seniors

Oct 8, 2015, 17:07 PM by User Not Found
blog-gift-boxAre you a caregiver looking for the perfect holiday gift? Last year you were quite generous, but the sweater itched. The previous year, you found out about an allergy to walnuts, and the fruit basket arrived late with dented fruit. The flameless LED candles with the remote control looked promising until you found out that the batteries don’t last very long. The sea salt caramels sound delicious but they’ll definitely get stuck in the bridgework, and the bottle of wine won’t mix with any and all medications. Whatever you do, don’t fall into the false idea that just because someone is older, they might appreciate fruitcake.

Besides, none of this seems caring enough. After all, you’re a caregiver, right? You spend your entire day worrying about this person. Your care is about physical and emotional support, too. You comb their hair, make their meals and wash their clothes. You drive them to the doctor, make their appointments and share meals with them. Whatever gift you give will be part of your life too, and just like those dented apples you turned into a pie, the holidays have evolved into a shared experience.

Are you caring for someone who just came home from the hospital? Do they have pain in their legs and lack the confidence they used to have when walking across a familiar room? Your mission is to improve the quality of their life. These three thoughtful ideas might help you communicate your care during this holiday season.

You’ve probably seen those adjustable canes on television that can assist those moving in and out of a recliner or wheelchair. It’s called the HurryCane, comes in several nice colors, and can coordinate well with the added gift of a matching throw or a small quilt. With three points of stability, it also bends at three joints for flexibility, and folds easily. This is a practical, thoughtful, reasonably-priced gift.

Another great gift idea is something that can empower those in your care and help them feel more confident with independent senior living. Here are three great options from GreatCall that offer reasonable rate plans: the easy-to-use Jitterbug phone with a powerful speaker for clear conversations, the affordable and waterproof Splash that can even be used in the shower, or the GreatCall Touch3 smartphone that has a host of easy-to-use safety apps built right in. This last feature allows your parent to access urgent care and other medical information and provides a real sense of control over their own health. With the Touch3 they can check email, text, take and share photos and even browse the Internet. They’re all hearing aid compatible, too.

Lastly, make a gift that will bring back wonderful memories, increase confidence, and brighten their mood. The holidays are a sensitive time for those who are experiencing pain or injury. Boosting the happiness meter by reminiscing about fun times can improve healing by keeping things positive. A scrapbook or a photo album with date markers alongside memorable events can be a meaningful and touching gift that the recipient will keep close to their heart. Can you imagine the smile they will have every time they open the album you made about the fish they caught or the fancy dress they wore? Include cards, letters, ticket stubs from concerts, maps, wedding invitations and pages from old magazines. A visit to a store like Michael’s can inspire you with so many colorful and cute decorating options. Endless paper choices coupled with adorable embellishments will help you create a one-of-a-kind memory album, keeping you far from the dreaded and dried-out fruitcake.