Most Durable Senior Cell Phones

Oct 8, 2015, 17:05 PM by User Not Found
blog-post-durable-senior-phonesCell phones are designed to do more these days – but they’re also exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Which one is the best for seniors?

The modern day mobile phone is light years ahead of the phones that emerged during the early 2000’s. Those phones offered basic voice communications, voicemail, and the ability to send text messages, but that’s about it. But the latest crop of cell phones on the market today delivers high-powered computing capabilities in a device that is the size of a deck of cards. And durability isn’t really that much of a concern for seniors, is it? Well, recent studies have shown that seniors use their cell phones just like the rest of us do, and that today’s suite of applications and programs are well-suited to seniors, too. Since we know that seniors tend to use their phones like any other age bracket would, what features are important to the majority of seniors and which phones are the most durable?

It is important to determine how seniors use their phones today. Most seniors either fall into the “backup plan” category – in which their phone is only there to make the odd call here and there, or the “power user” group. The latter group represents the majority of cell phone users and includes individuals who require mobile phone applications, sophisticated displays, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other computer-based features.

For the backup plan senior-aged user, the Jitterbug5 is the perfect, basic mobile phone. It combines easy to read numbers, simple dialing commands, and a full contact list to store important phone numbers. The Jitterbug5 also boasts a long-life battery and a highly durable flip phone design that protects the screen and keys when not in use. Those features, combined with its newest health and safety features, mean you can’t go wrong with the Jitterbug5.

If a “power user” is looking for a fully featured and highly durable cell phone, they may be shocked to find out how costly some of the phones can be on the market today. For the senior who is looking for more capability and features, GreatCall offers the Touch3 smartphone built by Samsung, but designed by GreatCall. This technology-packed smartphone delivers serious power to help the user keep in touch with friends and family through texts, email, and social media. Easily check email from anywhere, stay up to date with friends, and call anyone with ease by using the simple and intuitive touch screen. Like the Jitterbug5, it also has an abundance of health and safety features that include wellness calls, Urgent Care service and access to the 5Star service.

Cell phones for seniors don’t have to be underwhelming or cheap. In fact, the GreatCall line of phones offer all of the features a senior could ask for – with the durability to match.