GreatCall Health and Safety Products for Home Senior Safety

Oct 8, 2015, 17:04 PM by User Not Found
blog-post-gc-flowerThe Jitterbug5 and GreatCall Splash with 5Star service from GreatCall both provide a one-two punch of protection for senior home safety everywhere

We’re not okay settling for basic protection for seniors – we want to deliver a potent umbrella of security that can help seniors and their families live fuller lives with less worry and stress. Here’s how 5Star service can help seniors everywhere live more independently:

  • GreatCall Splash with 5Star service is a fully-featured medical alert device that uses GPS technology to connect users to an emergency response center. This means that the user won’t be limited by an effective range that only spans the distance within a home. The user can be out in the yard, at a neighborhood park – even in another state, and still receive quick and reliable coverage.
  • 5Star service connects the user to one of our specially-trained response agents certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED), formerly NAED. This means that the person on the other end of the line is specifically trained to handle any type of emergency call that may come through. GreatCall agents are there to provide for the safety and security of seniors across the nation.
  • GPS-enabled technology means that emergency responders can confirm where you are, which is important during stressful times or after an injury. The GPS locator will tell responders and authorized family and friends where you are – greatly increasing the speed at which you receive care.
  • 5Star service also provides unlimited mobile health from registered nurses and doctors if needed, 24 hours per day through an optional Urgent Care service. This can help seniors eliminate trips to the doctor during inclement weather or at odd hours by providing access to mobile health advice from RNs. This is a convenient way to minimize the dangers of going out at odd times of the night or during periods of bad weather.

The 5Star service enabled mobile devices from GreatCall are designed to specifically address the needs of our senior population. But our seniors aren’t the only ones who benefit from these devices. In fact, one of the key selling points of a 5Star service-enabled mobile devices and app is the peace of mind it provides for the user’s family. Instead of wondering where an aging friend or family member is, simply access them via the GreatCall Link app and you’ll be able to connect with them right away! This keeps everyone in the loop without anyone having to pick up the phone and “check in.” GreatCall products featuring 5Star service are the perfect way to keep everyone connected – and our seniors safe.