July is Cell Phone Etiquette Month

Oct 8, 2015, 16:46 PM by User Not Found
blog-cell-phone-etiquetteCell phones and smartphones drive our modern world. With 91% of Americans owning a cell phone and ownership steadily rising, there is no doubt they are here to stay.

While cell phones have helped make life easier, they have also introduced a whole new form of discourtesy to our daily lives. In honor of “Cell Phone Etiquette Month” this July, let’s take the time to brush up on some tips for using your cell phone politely.

  1. Don’t Text and Drive – Far more than just proper etiquette, texting while driving is a safety hazard for you and others on the road.
  2. The 10 Foot Rule – In general, always have a 10-foot radius around you when you are talking on your phone.
  3. Keep Private Conversations Private – Arguing over the phone will make those around you feel uncomfortable, especially if you are using harsh language. Find somewhere private to conduct your call.
  4. Put Your Phone Down and Engage – Ignoring the people around you and being distracted by your cell phone is unfriendly behavior. Try not to take calls or text while you are spending time with others.
  5. Silence in Public Places – It is polite to silence your cellphone in public places like restaurants, theatres, and movie theaters. Additionally, your illuminating cellphone in a darkened theater is very distracting to others. The best practice it to turn your phone off.
  6. Speak Softly – Often times people are tempted to talk louder while on their phones, making them a nuisance to all of those around them. Be mindful of your company and lower your voice when you have to publically take a phone call.

With very little effort and some extra consideration, anyone can effectively demonstrate cell phone manners.

These tips are brought to you by GreatCall - reminding you to have a great summer and to always use your cellphone safely, and in a considerate manner.