Home Safety Assessment for Seniors

Oct 8, 2015, 16:58 PM by User Not Found
blog-home-safety-assessment-for-seniors There are so many considerations to make when setting up a safe, comfortable home for your parent, senior-aged family member, or elderly friend.
Complete the safety assessment below to see if the home in question is the right environment for your aging family member or friend.

There are so many considerations to make when setting up a safe, comfortable home for your parent, senior-aged family member, or elderly friend. If you’re ready to really commit to creating a safe environment in your home – or the home of your elderly acquaintance, the following safety assessment will help you make necessary changes or recognize what is already working well in your home. We’ll divide the home up into several areas – living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, and the exterior of the home. Walk the home and get a feel for how safe the home is – and get ready to take some notes on any areas you can immediately improve. Download the PDF

Y N The doorways are wide enough to comfortably pass through – including in a wheelchair
Y N There are no loose electrical cords or obvious trip hazards running across the carpet
Y N Clutter is kept to a minimum and pathways are clear
Y N Electrical outlets aren’t overloaded and wall switches are within easy reach
Y N The bed is low enough to provide easy access – no higher than the back of the knees
Y N A nightlight is installed to help make late night bathroom visits safer
Y N No loose carpet sections or area rugs – these are major trip hazards
Y N A stable chair is in the room to help make dressing and undressing safer
Y N None of the furniture rolls, or sits on casters. These can shift and contribute to a fall
Y N Grab handles are installed near the toilet, sink, and shower
Y N Water heater has been set to less than 120-degrees maximum temperature
Y N No loose throw rugs on the floor of the bathroom
Y N A phone has been installed in the bathroom or the user has a waterproof medical alert device
Y N Toilet seat is raised for those who may have balance issues
Y N The sidewalk or curb in front of the home is in good condition – no trip hazards
Y N The front door is sturdy, has a deadbolt, and a peephole in good condition
Y N Bright lighting is in place for occupant safety as well as to provide security
Y N Railings are installed along front steps or raised entryways

While the checklist above doesn’t include all of the considerations you’ll need to make when establishing a home for an aging individual, it does address the main safety points. One of the most important items that you’ll want to include on your checklist is a quality medical alert device from a nationally-known medical alert provider. The latest units include GPS-enabled features that help first responders, family members, and friends quickly find an injured or lost user – often in just seconds! Also a unit that provides medical alert service that can work inside and outside the home ensures even more safety and peace of mind for those caring for a loved one. By establishing a safe and accommodating home for your senior family member or friend, you’ll truly make a difference in a person’s life.