At GreatCall, we understand your need and desire to maintain your independence. That’s why we've become the recognized leader in providing tools that help ensure your safety and enhance your well-being.

Splash GreatCall Splash, the personal emergency response system Jitterbug5 Jitterbug, big button cell phone for seniors Jitterbug Touch3 Jitterbug Touch - smartphone for seniors
5Star Medical Alert Service Immediate access to Medical Alert Agents
who will get you the help you need
Handset and Device Replacement Option Get a new phone or device if anything happens to yours
Fall Detection When a fall is detected a 5Star Agent will automatically be contacted - -
AliveCor Heart Monitor Track your heart health anywhere, anytime at an affordable cost - -
Urgent Care 24/7 access to live, registered nurses and board-certified doctors
MedCoach Stay on schedule with your medications and refills -
Brain Games Improve cognitive functions while having fun - -
The Wellness Call Receive motivational calls from Brian Alman, Ph.D. -
Daily Health Tips Get free tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle -
Caregiver Tools
GreatCall Link A smartphone app that keeps caregivers informed about the
health and safety of family members using GreatCall devices
The Check-In Call Friendly, automated calls can be scheduled to check in on a family member -
MyWorld Keep up to date on all your favorite interests - -
MyCalendar Never miss important dates or appointments doctors - -
Personal Operator Have a friendly operator assist you with various tasks -