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“Thank you all! Never have I had the privilege to speak with such nice, kind, and helpful people, from my first call requesting information to receiving my activated phone. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to punch one button and have a caring, kind, helpful person on the line immediately! You are all the GREATEST! I tell everyone I meet how great you all are. Y’all keep up the good work, ‘cause this gal in Alabama sure appreciates it!”

- Eleanor J., a Jitterbug customer

“Hello, my family and I just wanted to say what a great thing your cell phone is. I got my father one when it first came out and then 2 years later got my mom one. They love them, and I love it that they are safe and easy to use! Amazing customer service as well!”

- Casey G., via Facebook

“LOVE THE SIZE OF THE PHONE, AND THE LARGE LETTERING ... You are welcome to use my comments. I really do love it. So easy to use.....Have had a cell phone for 15 years … this one is truly the best......I also have a friend who kept trying to get me to change for years......Wish I had done it sooner........Thanks.”

- Ann P., a Jitterbug customer

“I LOVE my new Jitterbug! I am a big lady with large hands and I can now call a number (and text) without covering three numbers or letters at once!!! I like knowing who is calling before I answer the ring; I am very happy about the "rubber bumper" as it makes holding the phone easy and secure; and I really like the button on the outside of the phone that allows me to regulate the level of the caller's voice! Also, as a hearing aid wearer, it does not form a vacuum like my old one did when holding it to my ear. I guess I could just have said that I LOVE my Jitterbug and left it to that!”

- Agnes L., a Jitterbug customer

“Love my Jitterbug … so easy to use and a great signal. Especially love the 5Star feature … (I) feel safer knowing I have this with me wherever I go.”

- Rita R., via Facebook

“My parents never thought that they would use a cell phone, but in the past 18 months that they have had a Jitterbug, they have become quite dependent upon it. … Thanks for a great product and great customer service.”

- Sue M., via Facebook

“Excellent product! This cell phone is awesome! So very, very easy to use and the customer service staff are great - so patient and very knowledgeable. Just wished we'd switched to Jitterbug years ago. Thank you!”

- A review from a Jitterbug customer in New York

“Just as advertised and exactly what I wanted! I have had the (Jitterbug) phone for a month now. I wanted something that was easy to see with or without my glasses and with only basic features set for ease of use. So far, I have had no problems with the phone and coverage does not seem to have changed from my prior carrier. This phone is a Godsend as a person gets older and no longer wants all the bells and whistles on other phones. All I had to do was take it out of the box and turn it on. If only everything in life could be so simple.”

– A review from a Jitterbug customer in Oregon

“Finally a phone I can understand … This is the fifth cell phone I have had over the past 10 years and is the only one that I really understand. I can even text. Can you believe it … I have struggled with other phones and had little success but now I am the master and my Jitterbug works for me. My first call on my Jitterbug was to my son, "Guess who?" He wanted me to be able to text and now I can. My other son who had given up that I would ever be able to text, was also surprised when he got the same text.”

– A review from a Jitterbug customer in Florida

“I love my Jitterbug. And service from GreatCall is exceptional.”

- Patricia T., via Facebook

“The Jitterbug is my dream come true at last. At last a phone that is easy to use. Dialing a number is no longer a chore with tiny keys built for kids’ use and not for seniors … with large number keys and a bright display even at night. At last seniors have an affordable option with a phone designed for them in mind.”

– A review from a Jitterbug customer in Tennessee

“I bought this product for my 86 year-old grandmother last Christmas, and it has been fabulous! She didn't use to go anywhere or talk to anyone because she had a fear of getting lost and didn't have any means of communication. So, I bought her a Jitterbug. She would be able to call me if she got lost, and she could keep in touch with friends and family. Now, she is part of senior citizen group and has made a bunch of friends she didn't know in her area. She goes out with friends now because friends can contact her to invite her. Thank you GreatCall for this amazing product!”

– A review from a Jitterbug customer in New Hampshire