• Link

    GreatCall Link: senior safety app for caregivers GreatCall Link keeps families connected, even when they are apart.

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  • Urgent Care

    GreatCall Urgent Care: medical app with registered nurse Access medical advice and a registered nurse who can escalate your concern to a certified doctor.

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  • MedCoach

    GreatCall MedCoach: medication management health app An easy way to stay on track with your daily medication management

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  • 5Star

    GreatCall 5Star: safety app for seniors Be prepared for any unsafe or uncertain situation from the palm of your hand.

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Health & Medical Apps Overview

GreatCall's growing range of easy-to-use mobile apps provides a simple way for you and your family to stay connected, protected and in control using your iPhone or Android phone. GreatCall mobile apps are different from other apps available today, because they include the support of a knowledgeable Customer Service Support Team. Our health and medical apps are built on top of GreatCall's secure infrastructure. For added security, they offer the protection of a custom PIN number, so you can be sure your personal information is kept safe. Your profile is integrated among all of our apps, so you don’t have to worry about remembering multiple logins, and all apps feature our exclusive Shake For Help™ technology to provide easy-to-use help on every screen.

GreatCall Link for iPhone and Android

Providing care for an aging family member can be tough, and sometimes overwhelming. GreatCall understands this. That's why we've created easy-to-use products that work with innovative health and safety services to simplify your to-do list and help you feel more in control of your daily routine. GreatCall Link, a free health & safety app for your smartphone, keeps you informed about the health and safety of family members with GreatCall devices. You can check in with them when you want from anywhere, without disturbing them – helping them maintain the independent life they love.

Urgent Care for iPhone and Android

The Urgent Care app is a unique service that combines the best features of a medical library and medical symptom checker tool on your smartphone, plus unlimited access to live, registered nurses who can escalate your concern to a board-certified doctor anytime, day or night. You can browse volumes of medical dictionaries using the look-up feature that offers step-by-step descriptions of commonly practiced procedures and treatments. And the Interactive Symptom Checker tool will allow you to identify symptoms and possible causes, so you know when to self-treat and when to contact a medical professional.

5Star for iPhone and Android

By simply pressing the button on the 5Star Medical Alert safety app, you, your parent or your child will immediately be connected to highly-trained 5Star Agents. These Agents will confirm your location using patented GPS technology, and with the information (medical history, contacts and other valuable information) you provided in the Personal Profile section of the app, they will get you the help you need in any situation.

MedCoach for iPhone and Android

Having a hard time managing your medications? With the MedCoach medical app, you'll never miss another pill or dose. This easy-to-use and useful app reminds you to take your medications at the right time of day, every day. You’ll stay on schedule with your medication regimen, and it can even connect to your pharmacy to refill your prescriptions. MedCoach is medication management made easy – right in the palm of your hand.