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Jitterbug simple cell phones for seniors

Jitterbug Plus Cell phones for seniors

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Jitterbug Plus - Cell Phones for Seniors

The Jitterbug Plus is a simple and intuitive cell phone, specifically designed for seniors.

The modern cell phone seems to be getting smaller, more complicated, and filled with an overwhelming amount of extraneous apps and features. They are difficult to navigate and require a steep learning curve and technical savvy. This trend is limiting for senior citizens who are searching for a phone that is uncomplicated and direct.

The Jitterbug Plus – a simple cell phone for seniors – is the solution. Because the Jitterbug was created as a cell phone for the elderly, it was deliberately designed to meet the unique needs of senior citizens.

Display and Navigation

One of the most useful features of the Jitterbug Plus is its big buttons and large color display. Many mainstream cell phones have buttons that are barely bigger than a grain of rice and font displays that are so tiny they are barely visible. This design makes mass-market cell phones very challenging as a phone for seniors. The Jitterbug Plus has big buttons that are backlit and uses a large display font – allowing for less strain and easier use. The buttons are clearly labeled, and the backlight feature allows for use in low light.

In designing a cell phone for seniors, the Jitterbug Plus team hoped to make a phone that didn’t require a 50-page owner’s manual to operate. Clear, straightforward, and easy-to-use was the goal. A simple menu, without scores of unnecessary apps and features, make working the phone easy and ideal for the elderly. The Jitterbug Plus’ intuitive “yes/no” buttons eliminates confusion and creates easy and trouble-free navigation.

Enhanced Speaker and Battery Life

Cell phones are communication devices, yet these phones often have inadequate speakers that distort or muffle the conversation. This can be especially frustrating in cell phones for the elderly, who may already struggle with hearing. The irritation of straining to hear a conversation on your phone is over with the newly designed and improved Jitterbug Plus speaker. A crucial feature in cell phones for senior citizens, the large speaker ensures that all calls are loud and clearly audible.

Due to power-draining features and applications, the general cell phone has to be charged daily, if not multiple times within a single day. The Jitterbug Plus’ operating system is highly efficient and has an impressive 25-day standby power supply. As a cell phone for seniors, who may be using their phones as a safety and medical tracking device, reliability is crucial. The long lasting battery allows for confidence that your phone will be charged and ready, even if you missed a charge or two.

Built-in Camera

One of the great advances and conveniences of cell phones is the addition of a built-in camera. In mass-market cell phones the camera feature can be complicated, confusing, and require a multiple step process to simply take a picture. Because it is a cell phone directed at senior citizens, the Jitterbug Plus design simplifies the built-in camera feature. Using the clear menu and the “common-sense” yes/no button, taking a picture could not be easier. Photo-sharing is another exciting feature that has been made less problematic. In the past, phones for the elderly did not include an option for sharing photos because it was deemed “too complicated.” The Jitterbug Plus has opened up the opportunity for senior citizen phones to also benefit from this technological advance. With the simple touch of a button, your photo is uploaded to the photo-sharing site of your choice. No computers, or cords, or complex processes – simply push the “yes” button and your photo is posted.

No Contract

Most cell phone companies require commitments and contracts, sometimes binding a customer for several years. With Jitterbug Plus, there is no contract, no fee for switching plans or coverage, and you can discontinue your account at any time. This is freedom and choice with no risk.

Designed to be simple, reliable, and easy to use, the Jitterbug is the preeminent phone for seniors.