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GreatCall Splash with 5Star Senior Medical Alert Systems – Device vs. Mobile

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GreatCall Splash with 5Star – Senior Medical Alert Systems – Device vs. Mobile

GreatCall® brings the convenience of the senior medical alert system, 5Star® Service, to your smartphone, and is also available on the single-button device, the GreatCall Splash!

For the elderly, a senior medical alert system can equate to self-reliance and confidence. With the assistance of a senior alert device, medical conditions or increased anxiety no longer need to bind individuals to their homes or make them dependent on the help of others. Family members and friends can feel secure in the fact that you are safe and connected to any help you may need.

GreatCall, the company behind the original Jitterbug senior-friendly, big-button cell phone, provides the senior alert system, 5Star. Providing immediate access and two-way communication with IAED Certified Agents, 5Star allows self-confident independence and freedom for seniors. Powered by the country’s largest and most reliable wireless service, The GreatCall Splash senior medical alert device has nationwide coverage. Features like patented GPS technology and online locator services provide seniors a wider range of protection and autonomy. 5Star Agents are able to confirm your location, evaluate the situation and connect to police or medical help, if needed, as well as contact friends or family members. Help is never more than one button push away.

In an effort to increase accessibility, GreatCall has taken the senior alert system even farther by introducing the 5Star mobile app for smartphones.

The GreatCall Splash Device

One way to access the award-winning 5Star Service is with the compact Splash device. Small enough to clip on a belt or attach to a key chain, the Splash is unobtrusive, light, and extremely easy to use. The senior alert device has a single button, that when pressed, will instantly connect to a 5Star Agent. The Splash device is equipped with a powerful two-way speaker and microphone that allows for easy and clear communication. The patented GPS technology is built in, sending a continuous signal pinning your location. Children or grandchildren could easily use this user-friendly device.

The 5Star Mobile App

Another access point to the prestigious 5Star Service is through a smartphone, available for both iPhone and Android operating systems. The predominance of the smartphone continues to grow, and their possible applications seem to multiply exponentially. While you can clutter your phone with useless apps, the 5Star app is one that could save your life.

If you already have a smartphone, and do not require a separate device, purchasing the 5Star application for your smartphone will still provide the same features and benefits of 5Star Service. When you need help, instead of pressing the button on your senior medical alert device, you open the 5Star app on your smartphone. You are still directly connected to an IAED Certified Agent, and GPS location services also work through your smartphone. In a world where most people have a cell phone, using the 5Star app allows you to carry around one less device and still be protected by the same service.

Whether it is through the Splash device or the 5Star app, the senior alert service, medical assistance, and protection are unsurpassed. 5Star can help give you back your freedom and provide peace of mind for you and your family.