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Jitterbug The Senior Friendly Cell phones, Easy to use senior cell phones

Jitterbug Plus The senior friendly cell phone

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Jitterbug Plus - The Senior friendly cell phone

Cell phones have become the standard for most people, and the market has exploded with phones, apps, and service packages. However, most of these products are marketed at the young, tech savvy, and media dependent population. To our senior citizens, the cell phone industry can be overwhelming, confusing, and unnecessarily difficult. Answering the need is the Jitterbug Plus. Find out why the Jitterbug Plus is the most senior friendly cell phone on the market today.

The Jitterbug Plus offers cell phones for seniors that are straightforward and simple, while still boasting current technology and features. Because the Jitterbug Plus is a senior citizen cell phone, all of its specially designed features are intended to enhance and ease the experience for the elderly.

Innovated for Seniors

A common complaint about most cell phones is that the buttons are so small that it makes the phone challenging to operate. The Jitterbug Plus was created to be a cell phone for the elderly, and one of the key features is the large and clearly labeled buttons. Most major market cell phones have tiny keys that can be extremely frustrating to try and use, leading to errors. The Jitterbug Plus’ buttons are large, easily seen, and comfortably accommodate typing. The number keys are all backlit, making the phone used without difficulty in bright or low lighting.

Another valuable feature of this senior phone is its extended battery life. Most modern cell phones are filled with battery draining applications and operating systems and the phones require daily charging, if not multiple times a day. The Jitterbug Plus is a senior cell phone that boasts an impressive 25-day standby battery, easily allowing for missed or forgotten charges. The battery capacity can give you confidence and assurance that your phone will be there when you need it.

A challenge for many senior citizens using cells phones is the ability to hear the conversation. A standard cell phone speaker is often inadequate, muffling or distorting to the call. The Jitterbug Plus has an enhanced speaker designed to be both loud and clear, enabling seniors to better hear their phones. The Jitterbug Plus is a cell phone the elderly often uses as a medical alert or reminder device, and it is therefore crucial that all calls are clear and easily heard.

Senior Specific Design

The Jitterbug Plus is a cell phone designed for use by senior citizens and the goal is simple and intuitive navigation. A thoughtfully aspect is the clear and basic menu that is navigated with clear-cut “yes/no” buttons. Cell phones can get baffling with their apps, features, and lengthy menu options. The Jitterbug Plus has a streamlined cell phone menu and navigation so that all commands or requests have either a yes or no answer. This helps eliminate confusion or “getting lost” in the phone.

Lastly, the Jitterbug has the added feature of a built-in camera and the ability to easily photo-share with most popular photo sites. Taking a picture is as easy as the push of a button, and sharing it, via a social networking site, is equally as effortless.

These multiple features, all tailored for use by the elderly, makes the Jitterbug Plus the unrivaled and most senior friendly cell phone on the market.