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medical alert systems for seniors

5Star Urgent Response 5Star Medical Alert for Seniors

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5Star Urgent Response – 5Star Medical Alert for Seniors

The 5Star Urgent Response™ service is a simple and easy-to-use mobile medical alert system that gives senior citizens the freedom, peace of mind and independence they deserve.

Fear of a medical emergency is a common anxiety among the elderly and can lead to panic, phobias, and depression. Often, it is the worry of facing an unplanned event or an emergency situation that keeps many seniors tied to their home, afraid, or dependent on others. Unlike traditional “stay-at-home” medical alert systems that only work at home, The 5Star™ provides a medical alert system for senior citizens, a safety tool that works wherever they go.

Immediate Help – Anytime, Anywhere

With 5Star Urgent Response, a medical alert service provided through GreatCall, help is never further away than a push of a button. 5Star Service can provide self-assurance and reliance for people of all ages; it is especially helpful for senior citizens.

The 5Star medical alert system for seniors is a compact and lightweight, two-way communication device. Just one touch of The 5Star button on the medical alert device immediately connects seniors with 100% U.S. Based NAED Certified Response Agents, who will get them help in any situation, whether at home or on the go. And its new, patented GPS technology enables 5Star Agents to quickly and accurately determine the user’s location. 5Star Agents are highly trained emergency response professionals, who are certified in CPR and other emergency procedures. They will evaluate the situation, determine the right course of action and get them the help they need. At no additional charge, Agents can also connect seniors to GreatCall’s Urgent Care service. Registered nurses or Doctors can assist them with any health or medical questions they may have, day or night. Whenever seniors contact 5Star Urgent Response, a NAED Certified Response Agent will stay on the line until their situation is resolved. For seniors, having a reliable medical alert device can provide renewed independence and self-reliance.

When it comes to getting the right kind of help wherever you need it, 5Star Urgent Response is simply the best.

New Patented GPS Technology

Unlike other alert systems for seniors, NAED Certified Response Agents can quickly determine a user’s location with The 5Star’s highly accurate, patented GPS technology. When lost, confused, or disoriented, the NAED Certified Response Agents are able to quickly locate you, dispatch emergency services, such as the police, fire department or connect the user to a live, registered nurse, friends or family. And, if necessary, quickly conference in 9-1-1.

Whenever they contact 5Star Urgent Response, NAED Certified Response Agents will stay on the line with you until the situation is resolved. In an emergency, The 5Star is a more reliable option than using a cell phone to call a family member, friend or neighbor, who may be unavailable, unqualified to help, or unable to locate the user. The 5Star is more than a medical alert device for seniors, it is also a safety tool for loved ones that may find themselves in an uncertain or unsafe situation. The 5Star also comes with a Personal Profile that contains important information, like emergency contacts, medical history, prescriptions, and a list of location frequently visited. By setting up the Personal Profile online, users can also authorize friends or family members to securely and privately locate the user, or anyone carrying the device at This can be especially useful for the additional members on the account, who can search the user’s location by using the GPS locating system in case the user is lost or too confused to use the 5Star Service.

Powered by Wireless Technology

The 5Star medical alert monitoring system is supported by one of the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless networks – so you can get help whether you’re at home or on the go. Because 5Star Service works from a wireless platform, your coverage is not tied to your home or any specific area: wherever you have a wireless signal, you also have 5Star. For seniors who worry about going out alone or too far from help, the wide-reaching wireless service area provides a whole new horizon of possibilities.

No Contract

Unlike the majority of wireless service companies, GreatCall is committed to providing choice and freedom to their customers. GreatCall offers the comprehensive 5Star Service at an affordable monthly price, with no contracts, long-term commitments, or cancellation fees.

5Star Urgent Response is the preeminent alert system for seniors, providing safety, confidence, and an improved quality of life. Find out now if The 5Star is right for you.