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Big button cell phones

Jitterbug Plus Easy to use big button cell phones

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Jitterbug Plus - Easy to Use Big Button Cell Phones

The overwhelming movement in the cell phone industry is smaller cell phones. As the phones become more petite, the keys get tiny and operating the cell phone become difficult, especially for senior citizens. Phone companies have been discontinuing large button cell phones, making access to a usable cell phone much more difficult for the elderly.

Answering this need is the Jitterbug Plus, the best big button phone for seniors. The Jitterbug Plus is filled with common sense features that make it an unintimidating and easy to use cell phone for anyone, but specifically seniors.

Why Big Buttons?

Big buttons on the Jitterbug Plus cell phone is one of its most distinctive and helpful aspects of the phone. The keypad is large and easily seen, allowing for effortless dialing. The labeling of the buttons is clear and uncluttered, which helps eliminate confusion or mistakenly hit keys. Though most cell phones are changing their design, the Jitterbug Plus remains committed to big button phones that are extremely helpful to seniors looking for an easy to use cell phone.

While most cell phones are pushing for more features and unnecessary functions, the Jitterbug Plus’ mission is to streamline the cell phone experience. The Jitterbug Plus enables simplified navigation on their phones, using large yes/no buttons to control the clear and basic menu. Numbers and text are displayed in a large, well-defined font, which can be easily viewed on the sizable color screen. The entire keypad is backlit for ease of use in full and low lighting.

The Jitterbug Plus has an enhanced and improved speaker. This speaker amplifies sound clearly and at a higher volume. This feature is helpful for senior citizens who may struggle to hear conversations on the majority of other cell phones.

More Senior Friendly Functions

An additional and useful feature of the Jitterbug Plus is the built-in camera. The trend in most mainstream cell phones is to have a built-in camera, but often the operation of this camera can be complicated and confusing. The Jitterbug Plus has simplified this feature and made taking a picture as easy as pressing a button. Also, the Jitterbug Plus has a photo-sharing feature that allows you to post your photos online without wires, computers, or photo programs. Simply take your picture and press a button to upload the picture to your favorite photo-sharing site.

As cell phones become more app and feature heavy, they also consume more battery life. It is not uncommon for the standard smartphone to require daily charging, if not throughout the day charging. The Jitterbug Plus has a highly efficient battery, lasting an impressive 25 days on standby mode. Many seniors use the Jitterbug Plus as a safety and medical monitoring device, as well as a communication tool, and the extended battery life allows for confidence and trust that your cell phone will be ready when you need it.

The Jitterbug Plus is the best big button cell phone for seniors; specifically designed to meet the needs of the elderly, it is filled with features and design elements intended to create a worry-free experience.