Jitterbug5 The best cell phone for seniors

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Jitterbug5 - The best cell phone for seniors

Cell phones are a multi-billion dollar industry, and that market is flooded with countless phones that have hundreds of features and hundreds of thousands of applications. Between the tremendous number of choices, difficulty using the phones, and limiting long-term contracts, senior citizens can feel overwhelmed by the whole process.

In response to this senior-unfriendly market came the design and production of the Jitterbug5, the best cell phone for seniors. There are many design and function features that set the Jitterbug5 apart from other phones – all intended to create the best experience and phone for seniors.

Network of Health and Safety Experts

Life is unpredictable, but with 5Star® Service that’s included in a GreatCall GoPlan, you’re prepared for anything. In any uncertain or unsafe situation, just push the 5Star button and you’ll speak immediately with an IAED Certified 5Star Agent who can get you the help you need in any emergency, big or small. A GreatCall GoPlan also gives you unlimited access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors, 24/7. Plus, you can stay on top of your prescription schedule with the Medication Reminder Service.

No Contract Required

To start, the Jitterbug5 requires no contract or commitment. Customers are free to start or stop service whenever they chose, with no penalty fee or charge. The Jitterbug5 offers low monthly rates, as well as many other options tailored for the needs of the senior citizen. Jitterbug5 service plans offer nationwide anytime minutes and carry over minutes, no roaming charges, and no cancellation fees. Find out more here.

Simple Design

The Jitterbug5 has many physical design elements that make it the best cell phone for seniors. Unlike the majority of mass-market cell phones, the Jitterbug5 has big buttons that are labeled in a large, clear-to-read font. The keys are backlit, making the phone easily used in both full and low lighting. Also, all navigation of the Jitterbug5’s simple and clear menu is done using intuitive “yes/no” buttons. Another feature making the Jitterbug5 the best cell phone for seniors is a powerful speaker that ensures all calls are loud and clearly audible.

Long Lasting Battery

As modern cell phones advance in their applications and functions, they also require much more battery power. Depending on level of use, a standard cell phone may need to be charged multiple times a day. Another reason the Jitterbug5 is the best cell phone choice for seniors is because of its extended battery life – an impressive battery with up to 25 days of standby time. This prolonged battery life can give you confidence that your phone will be charged and ready when you need it. The extraordinary capacity of the battery becomes especially important when using the phone as a safety or medical device, as many senior citizens do.

Easy-to-Use Camera Features

Though the Jitterbug5 was originally designed to be the best and most straightforward cell phone for seniors, it also includes the useful feature of a built-in camera. Most cell phones now have a built-in camera, but often they are complicated to use and difficult to find in the phone’s infrastructure. The Jitterbug5’s camera is easily accessed through the simple main menu, and a picture is taken with the press of a single button. Additionally, Jitterbug® has made photo-sharing easy for seniors! Directly from your phone, with the press of a button, you can post any picture to your favorite photo-sharing site. No need to log on, connect to a computer, or find the right wires, just press the button, and your photo is uploaded.

Designed and specifically created to meet the distinctive needs of the senior – the Jitterbug5 is the best cell phone for seniors.