Connected Health

The future of healthcare is a connected one. It’s a relevant, useful and connected ecosystem that combines sensors, behavioral data, data mining, analytics, and preventive care. GreatCall provides senior care solutions, services and tools that help make this new vision possible.

We bring connected
health to life.

Healthcare is rapidly evolving to a model where biometric tools and mobile devices like ours play a central role in monitoring health and wellness. With the ability to capture and share information anywhere, anytime, on almost any device, we’re now better able to proactively manage health than ever before. As a best-in-class scaled service organization for over 10 years, GreatCall is helping people adopt connected health management solutions and make them part of their lives.

The GreatCall Vision for a Connected Health Ecosystem.

Devices & Biometric Tools

Mobile devices, wearables, and biometric tools capture and share health information and behavioral data. Everything from heart rate and blood pressure monitoring to activity and location tracking to emergency calls and fall detection.

Connected Health Platform

A secure platform of data collection, data mining, analytics, and distribution.

EMR & Dashboards

Data can be accessed by professional caregivers, healthcare systems, and insurers through EMR reporting and by patients and families through a secure dashboard portal.

Everything's connected.
Everyone wins.

For healthcare providers, GreatCall supports the Triple Aim of healthcare: achieving better health and outcomes of a population, improving the patient care experience, and reducing per capita costs of healthcare.

For patients, senior community residents and active aging consumers, GreatCall empowers them to live independently without compromising safety.

The best solutions
for active aging seniors.

As the maker of the Lively Mobile one-button medical alert device, GreatCall is a proven leader in connected technology for senior consumers. For over 10 years we’ve understood the wants and needs of older adults better than anyone, and we develop solutions accordingly. So from personal emergency response systems to easy-to-use Jitterbug cell phones, you can choose the ones that are best suited for your organization.

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Managed Care

In this increasingly complex market, it’s more important than ever to attract new members, find ways to engage them, and keep them within your network. That's why GreatCall devices and services help increase retention while lowering costs and reducing network leakage.

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Senior Communities

Boosting seniors’ independence while keeping them safe is no easy task, especially when you need to keep a close eye on costs. That’s why GreatCall mobile devices and senior care services are designed to simply and affordably give you the help you need.

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A solution that’s right for you and your organization.

No two healthcare organizations are alike. So we tailor our health management solutions to your needs, whether you want to deploy and manage a single kind of device or multiple ones. We’re continually developing tools and processes to help:

  • Create earlier intervention
  • Reduce costs and avoidable hospitalization and ER visits.
  • Help seniors stay independent, connected and in their homes
  • Reduce pressure and time commitment by family caregivers
  • Train caregivers and consumers
  • Deploy and maintain devices and services
  • Manage usage and billing
  • Improve care through data analysis

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