Keeping you connected, protected and in control

At GreatCall, our mission extends beyond the health and safety products we develop to the safety net we create for the people who use those devices, services and apps. Our vision is to empower our customers to live the independent lives they love. To be connected, protected and in control of their lives.

Innovation for health & safety

Innovation for the sake of new is not meaningful. Everything we make – from the first Jitterbug easy-to-use cell phone to our portfolio of health, safety and medical apps and U.S.- based customer service teams – incorporates our award-winning, personalized approach. This “simplicity with a human touch” is built into our products, service and customizable apps.

Over the years, GreatCall has grown, but has never lost that commitment to meaningful innovation. Our lineup, including GreatCall Splash, Jitterbug5, Jitterbug Touch3 and apps such as Urgent Care, GreatCall Link, MedCoach and 5Star service, bring our vision to life. To help you live yours to the fullest.

Contact Us

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Mail: GreatCall Customer Service, P.O. Box 4428, Carlsbad, California 92018